Life and Love

September has been a hard month for myself and my family.  Between work, daycare, and family life hasn’t been calm. I’ve started so many different projects this month. I’ve always suffered from Starter-itis; it gets worse the more I’m stressed. Starting something gives me something to solely focus all of my energy on.

Work was a relatively easy fix. I started a new job this week. It’s only been a week, but I’m so much more relaxed. I’ve spent the last three weeks looking for another daycare for Abby. I think I’ve found one that I’m happy with.

The biggest stressor this month is, was, is my great aunt. Back in July, she was diagnosed with cancer. This month she was rushed to the ER, placed in ICU, and passed away all within a couple of weeks. It was hard to see. This woman was so full of life and love, and that was reflected by the multitude of people who came to visit her. When she was moved into Comfort Care, they gave us a bigger room because of all the people who would come see her. It was awesome to witness.

Grief is a strange thing. With everything, I was fine, until the funeral. I did not take Abby. I didn’t even tell her that our aunt had passed away until after the funeral. She went to stay with her other grandmother until after the funeral. It was a long weekend for Abby. Her father and grandmother kept her busy with outings and trips. The funeral was difficult for me. That’s when it all hit.

I started a washcloth, a  burp cloth, and Abby’s Halloween costume while sitting in multiple hospital rooms. I don’t have any pictures of the washcloth or burp cloth. They’re simple. The washcloth is half-double crochets through the back loop. The burp cloth is just garter stitch.

Abby’s Halloween costume, however, will be a work of art. I started it after the funeral. I was sitting at home, starting to feel overwhelmed, so I started something new. Something absorbing that would take a lot of concentration: Hexagons.

I have a love-hate relationship with hexagons. 20170922_203624.jpgThey’re my favorite shape, and crocheting them has been a struggle. Last year, I wanted to do a temperature blanket out of hexagons, but I struggled to find a pattern I liked and could understand. I’d only been crocheting for a little while, and it was mostly square washcloths. So, I did what any sane person would do. I made up my own pattern. It was flawed because I’m terrible with numbers. Anyway, these hexagons are perfect, maybe because I’m an idiot and just can’t read a pattern.

Abby originally wanted to be received_1647685675262941.jpega rainbow butterfly, so I bought the yarn for that. Of course, as soon as I’d ordered it, she changed her mind. She’s now a rainbow fairy. The general design has stayed the same, however. And by that, I mean that I had no design and was *ahem* winging it. Until yesterday. The wonderful, amazing person who is my best friend and can think in shapes made this template. It was, of course, Not Right. So we fixed. I laid out one wing out of the hexes and moved them around sending a BAJILLION pictures until we decided on a design. And this design isn’t exactly accurate because we changed it.

I should need 21 hexagons, which will be interesting because I have seven colors: Red(Serrano), Orange(Orange), Yellow(Canary), Green(Macaw), Blue(Celestial), Indigo (Eggplant), and Violet(Fairy Tale). Oh… No… Wait… That’s three of each color, I think. *pulls out a calculator* It is three. I’m so bad with numbers. Technically, there are actually eight colors. The eighth, a brown named Bark, will be used to outline the wings and make straps. I plan on crocheting around a wire so the wings will hold their shape.

Abby is extremely excited about the hexagons, especially the baby hexes. She gives each one a kiss if she walks in on me making them. They don’t take long to make, maybe 20 minutes if I’m uninterrupted. The hexagons have been quick and easy, which has helped keep my mind off of things.

October Preview:

If all goes well, October will be all about blocking, piecing, and finishing the costume. I’m hoping to have all of the hexagons done before next weekend, or shortly there after. I’ll put all the yarn, hook, and wire information in the next post, as well as the pattern, if I get it written out.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung; so did I, out of bed, when I realized this was the last day of April, and I was supposed to be writing a post. It has been a busy month. Camp NaNo, crocheting, spinning, planning a birthday party for my kid, unexpected test with my rheumatologist (which has me all kinds of freaked out), and then receiving a MASSIVE amount of hospital and doctor’s bills. Well, massive for me. In the grand scheme, they weren’t that much, but way more than I had. ANYWAY… I did not finish one craft project, let alone the two I had planned to finish. I was creative, though.

My goal for Camp NaNo was to get 15 posts pre-written for my personal blog and 15 more outlined. It was surprisingly easy. I don’t know how many of those posts I’ll use, but there ya have it. I wrote on my lunch breaks, which I found amazingly productive. When NaNo happens, I’ll probably continue doing that. It didn’t give me a lot of time to crochet.

I found these gorgeous crocheted flowers by HappyPattyCrochet. I fell in love with them from the moment I found them on Pinterest. I obsessed over them for months before I broke down and bought four patterns; I went a little crazy. I then stared at this pattern for another month before I even pretended to attempt it. My eventual goal, probably in November and December is to recreate my best friend’s wedding bouquet. Also, I want to make a bunch of flowers that I can’t kill.

S20170430_213241o, I started crocheting with tiny thread. I had to stop halfway through because I couldn’t see what I was doing. I probably should have used a lighter color, but why would I go easy on myself? This tulip should have been finished withing the first 10 days of the month, or sooner. I had a nice little break while waiting on a craft light with a magnifying glass to arrive. During that little break, I did some spinning. I’m still not very good, but it was a perfect way to spend my birthday.

20170430_213315I made three of Petal 1, as per the instructions, only to realize that I left off part of the petal, but oh well. I only have one of Petal 2, and I’m almost done with a second. The third shouldn’t take too much longer. I’m not thrilled with how the first Petal 2 looks. I might make that over. I think I’ll do both leafs and then finish the project. Hopefully, that will all be done in the first half of May.

As for May, I’m going to finish the tulip and then switch to one of the other projects I had planned for April. I’ll be using that pretty yarn that I pictured last month.