Bleary Eyed

I have two calendars. One is for me and life. The other is for craft stuff. Not to mention the phone calendars, one of those is specifically for this blog, and only for this blog. It’s shows up blue on my phone. Still, with all of that, I continuously forget when the last day of the month is EVERY FLIPPING MONTH!!!

I had dropped Abby off at daycare. We were late this morning because shirts are confusing, and shoes just magically vanish in our house. They, the shoes, were in the grandparent’s bathroom, and, at drop off, the shirt was still on backwards. Anyway, where was I? Oh! Yeah! Okay, so, after drop off, I’m driving to work. It takes about 20 minutes. I realize, about five minutes away from work that today is the 31st, and oh by the way the 31st, is the LAST DAY OF AUGUST!!! EVERY FLIPPING MONTH!!!

Abby’s dance class starts back today, and she’s going to her grandmother’s/dad’s for the weekend. So, I’m going to be way late going home, and OH MY GOD HOW AM I GOING TO GET THIS POST DONE?!?! Momentary panic ensued. I’m currently writing on my lunch break. If I’m lucky this will mostly get done, and I can maybe do pictures as soon as I get home. I bet it’ll be 11:56pm before this posts though. I’ll update you. And now I’m talking to myself… ANYWAY… This has actually been a productive month. It’s also been an extremely busy month. My mother had surgery this month. That’s the biggest thing that happened. She’s doing very well!

While she was in the hospital I started a washcloth. I needed something small to do, and washcloths are mindless. At least, this one is. I chain 25 stitches and half double crochet through the front or back loop depending on my mood. I stop when it’s a square. I don’t actually have a picture of it because Abby needed something to snuggle with, and it was the only thing available. It was left at her Papa Joe’s house. But it is actually finished!!! Tails were woven in and everything.

— Everything before here was written at lunch. Everything after here was written at Abby’s dance class. With luck this will get posted before midnight. —

This month also started the NaNoWriMo Creative Writing class on Coursera. That’s been interesting. I did something I have never done before. I finished a story. It was just over 600 words, but it has a beginning, middle, and end. I’m famous for starting and never finishing projects. But I’ve done two, albeit small, projects in one month.

I’m on the upswing from the crazy anxiety and depression a few months ago. I’ve stayed busy. I know the crash will happen sometime. It could be a year, a day, or a few months away. That’s one of the hardest parts. Even when I’m feeling good, I know it will happen again. Feeling out of control in my own body is the hardest part. I know there’s a relatively easy solution to this: Get help. But I’ve tried various medicines and therapies, and I just don’t like it. Crafting has helped me so much more than any of that.

Anyway, back to the washcloth. I’m already working on a second, but with all the writing, it hasn’t progressed too far. Both of them, this one and the completed one, are crocheted through the back loop, but it’s only half double crochets. Easy peasy. I’m using Lily’s and Crème cotton in some color way. It’s a GIANT CONE!!! Look at it! Huge! I have another one that I’ll be using for some burp cloths. Hopefully, I’ll be able to attach pictures and this won’t look like random chattering.

— Everything before here blah blah blah. Everything after here was written sometime after getting home and before midnight. —

Well, there will be no pictures because I absolutely refuse to walk back out to the car where I left the giant bag full of giant cones of yarn. I’m so good at this blog thing! It has been a long and stressful day to match this entire month. But, I did it. I met the goal of finishing something, and I did the impossible. I’m going to spend the rest of my night (the ten minutes after I publish) relaxing, and then I’m sleeping.

For the next month, it will be more washcloths (and probably burp cloths). See you in a month! Maybe I’ll finally remember when the end of the month is.

— You know the drill. This is around 11:33. —

The internet is not willing to cooperate, so I’m trying to do this from my phone while falling asleep. I’m so good at this thing. I’m too stubborn to change up the date. I hope you’ve had fun following this insanity.