A lot of A Little

I am posting this from my phone! I have no idea what the pictures will look like, and they’ll probably be out of order. Let’s just enjoy the crazy!

I have recently gotten into paper crafting. I may go elope with my tape glider. That’s the most amazing thing ever!

I have started a hat for Abby, and I’m planning mittens and a scarf. I’ve also made 60 hot chocolate envelopes. They are adorable. 45 still need to be stuffed, and 60 still need to be candy caned. I followed this YouTube video.

I thought they would be cute little things for kids at the craft fair that my family is doing a fundraiser at. They were super easy to make, BUT they took forever! Next time, I don’t think I’m going to add ribbon. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to use the stickers we have for add ons. I guess I’ll decide that tomorrow when I should be going to bed.

Anyway… This month has been ridiculous and my crafting and NaNo novel reflect that. I did not win NaNo this year. I lost all desire to write this month, and I haven’t been much into creating either. The anxiety has been super high though.

December will be better.